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Shirtless actor Michiel Huisman

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Michiel Huisman shirtless and wet

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Damn, I’ve just seen Michiel Huisman shirtless in his appearance in ‘The Age Of Adaline’ and I knew instantly that he had to be posted here for you guys to enjoy too. This gorgeous stud is fast becoming one of my faves, I think I might need to spend a long weekend going back through his entire acting career just to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

If you have any suggestions for me to check out then let me know in the comments.

The Dutch actor is perhaps most famous for his appearance in Game of Thrones, but before he hit it big in that massive success he was in several other British and American TV shows, and had an impressive career in his home nation too. He’s come a long way since his early days of soap operas in the 1990’s.

Being European he seems to be okay with going naked for the right role. He’s shown off his ass in several scenes for previous projects and there’s at least one example of him getting his big dick out for a part.

The handsome man looks good in pretty much everything he’s been in so far, but after seeing these images of Michiel Huisman shirtless I admit that I want more.


Michiel Huisman full frontal in Phileine Zegt Sorry

Handsome Dutch actor Michiel Huisman

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You are going to absolutely love this Michiel Huisman full frontal. Before we saw his glorious ass in ‘Game of Thrones’, Michiel Huisman already had a bit of a reputation for showing off more flesh than a lot of other talented actors in mainstream roles might be willing to.

I only found out about him recently when a friend told me he was a major crush of his, of course I wanted to see more of the guy. After a little looking around out there I found these Michiel Huisman full frontal screen grabs from a movie called ‘Phileine Zegt Sorry’ (Phileine Says Sorry) and I knew he needed to be shared here.

I know a little more about him than I did before, and it only makes him more sexy than he already was. He’s not just an actor, he’s a musician and singer-songwriter too. Who doesn’t love musicians?

The Dutch hottie has been in a lot of projects in his home country before appearing in some notable US projects, including GoT, Orphan Black’ and ‘Nashville’. His international stardom first began in the UK with an appearance in the TV show Dalziel and Pascoe’.

I don’t think there’s any nudity in any of those roles and this might be the only opportunity to enjoy some Michiel Huisman full frontal action, but let’s hope for more of him getting that impressive looking dick out in future roles too! See all of our nude male celebrities now.