Joey Bragg Naked In Father Of The Year

Joey Bragg Naked In Father Of The Year

Joey Bragg Naked In Father Of The Year

Joey Bragg Naked In Father Of The Year

Joey Bragg Naked In Father Of The Year

Joey Bragg Naked In Father Of The Year.  The 22 year old actor got started in Hollywood at a young age and continues to grow his career. He’s now starring in ‘Father Of The Year’ alongside David Spade and Nat Faxon. It’s a treat to see Joey Bragg nude and exposed like this. Hopefully he’ll go on to do several more nude scenes in the next couple of decades. We would love to get a good look at that penis!

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Australian actor Matt Wilson’s butt on show in Neighbours

Takaya Honda and Matt Wilson get naked in Neighbours

Matt Wilson's butt on display Australian actor Matt Wilson's butt in Neighbours

Australian actor Matt Wilson’s butt on show in Neighbours

Matt Wilson's butt on display with actor Takaya Honda Matt Wilson's butt is perfect

It’s been a long time since I last watched an episode of the long-running Australian soap Neighbours, but after seeing Aussie actor Matt Wilson’s butt in these stills from an episode I think I might have to get back into it. I don’t recall it being this sexy when I was younger and watching it while I was supposed to be in school but I think if it had been this teasing I wouldn’t have ever been back in class!

I didn’t know much about Matt Wilson when I found these shots of the handsome hunk flashing his butt for the world to enjoy, but I now know that he’s been in a post of bother for an interview he did in 2017. I’m not gonna go into it but let’s just say that he was asked about playing a gay character and kind of dug himself a hole that he couldn’t get out of.

Yeah, he plays a gay character in the show, which is pretty amazing considering when I was watching it back in the day they never dared to touch on any subject like that, or at least if they did I can’t remember it.

No doubt this hunky young man is pretty damn hot, and seeing Matt Wilson’s butt in these shots really piqued my interest and I might have to watch a couple of episodes and see what the deal is.

He’s appearing with equally sexy Takaya Honda in these images, and I think I might have to see what there is out there of him, too!

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Zac Efron cock flash in Dirty Grandpa

Zac Efron on the beach in Bad Grandpa

Zac Efron on the beach in Bad Grandpa

Zac Efron cock flash in Dirty Grandpa

handsome actor Zac Efron showing his butt Zac Efron naked and showing ass


I can’t believe it’s taken so long to get some Zac Efron cock pics on the blog, but finally we’re on it.

I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, even when he was walking around with that Bieber haircut (I think before Bieber even had it!)

I’m not entirely sure at what point he made it big, but it’s safe to say that he’s a major American star these days. It’s no wonder, he’s a great comedic actor and while he might not be the kind of serious guy to appear in dramas and thrillers he definitely knows how to make us laugh.

It might be a good thing that he’s mainly about the comedy, because it gives us more chances of getting some Zac Efron cock shots like these from ‘Dirty Grandpa’.

No doubt he’s been picked for these roles because he’s perfect for the youthful college-aged horn-dog stereotype, the one who’s shirtless most of the time, the eye-candy for guys like me. It works, whenever I know there’s a Zac Efron movie on Netflix where he shows off that incredible body you can bet I’m gonna be watching it.

This scene was perhaps the best one yet, showing his dick in a few frames and really displaying that ass for us too. I don’t think there’s a guy reading this who wouldn’t want to see more of this incredibly muscled star totally naked, am I right?


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Handsome and hairy actor Matt Lloyd naked

Actor Matt Lloyd

Matt Lloyd full frontal Matt Lloyd cock out for Here and Now Matt Lloyd naked in Here and Now

I know this handsome man is at least a little familiar to me, but I don’t think I’ve actually seen much that he’s been in. Apparently he’s appeared in ‘Apollo‘, ‘Chad & Jessica’ and ‘Life in Reverse‘, but we’re most interested in seeing Matt Lloyd naked in the HBO show ‘Here and Now’. As you can see, he gets completely naked and shows his famous penis in ‘Here and Now’.

I guess it takes some balls to get everything out for the cameras like this, and he definitely has those balls. He’s also got a great body to show off, a little hairy in all the right places and he’s pretty ripped too. What do we all think of that ass?

If I was an actor and looked like him I would probably be willing to get my clothes off for a role too.

I’m pretty sure that’s another guy in the shot with him so I guess there’s a gay sexual element to the show. Having never watched it I have no clue what it’s about but I think I might need to investigate a little after seeing this handsome guy showing it all off like that.

Enjoy the sight of Matt Lloyd naked and looking pretty fine, I think I might have to go and see what else I can find with this sexy man.

Alan Ritchson Naked On Blood Drive

Alan Ritchson Naked On Blood DriveAlan Ritchson Naked On Blood Drive

Alan Ritchson Nude On Blood Drive

It’s Alan Ritchson Naked On Blood Drive and giving us an excellent look at his bubble butt. The science fiction TV series premiered this summer and will run for one season. Seeing Alan Ritchson nude like this makes us want to tune in for more episodes. You can count on us to share any new male nudity that pops up on the series.

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Max Carver Nude on The Leftovers

Max Carver NudeMax Carver Nude on TheLeftovers


Max Carver did this nude scene on ‘The Leftovers’ and caused boner popping everywhere.  The young male celeb is going to be a household name in no time. He’s more recently starred in TV shows like ‘The Following’ and movies like ‘Fist Fight’. What Max Carver really needs to do, is get back to showing that naked butt.

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Actor Max Irons Naked

Actor Max Irons NakedActor Max Irons Naked

Actor Max Irons Nude

Actor Max Irons gets naked in the film ‘The White Queen’ and here’s a preview picture.  Max Irons is a really hot young hunk with a great body.  He used to be a full time male model and you can see why, he’s beautiful. It’s no surprise that he moonlights as a male model for companies like Burberry and Macy’s.


Aaron Mccusker Full Frontal Nude

aaron mccusker

Aaron Mccusker Full Frontal Nude

aaron mccusker full frontal nude

On the show ‘Fortitude’, Aaron McCusker did a full frontal nude scene.  We love to see shows like Fortitude showing male nudity like this. The series was originally supposed to be 12 episodes, but they brought it back this year for another 10.  There’s a good chance we’ll see more naked male celebrities on the show. You may have seen Aaron on the TV show ‘Shameless’.  Or maybe you remember McCusker from the series ‘Dexter’.

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