Zac Efron cock flash in Dirty Grandpa

Zac Efron on the beach in Bad Grandpa

Zac Efron on the beach in Bad Grandpa

Zac Efron cock flash in Dirty Grandpa

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I can’t believe it’s taken so long to get some Zac Efron cock pics on the blog, but finally we’re on it.

I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, even when he was walking around with that Bieber haircut (I think before Bieber even had it!)

I’m not entirely sure at what point he made it big, but it’s safe to say that he’s a major American star these days. It’s no wonder, he’s a great comedic actor and while he might not be the kind of serious guy to appear in dramas and thrillers he definitely knows how to make us laugh.

It might be a good thing that he’s mainly about the comedy, because it gives us more chances of getting some Zac Efron cock shots like these from ‘Dirty Grandpa’.

No doubt he’s been picked for these roles because he’s perfect for the youthful college-aged horn-dog stereotype, the one who’s shirtless most of the time, the eye-candy for guys like me. It works, whenever I know there’s a Zac Efron movie on Netflix where he shows off that incredible body you can bet I’m gonna be watching it.

This scene was perhaps the best one yet, showing his dick in a few frames and really displaying that ass for us too. I don’t think there’s a guy reading this who wouldn’t want to see more of this incredibly muscled star totally naked, am I right?


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Hot actor Adam Demos shirtless in UnREAL

Gorgeous Australian actor Adam Demos shirtless

Australian actor Adam Demos shirtless in UnREAL

Hot actor Adam Demos shirtless in UnREAL

Handsome actor Adam Demos shirtless in a sex scene Australian actor Adam Demos shirtless in UnREAL Muscle hunk actor Adam Demos sex scene in UnREAL Handsome Aussie actor Adam Demos shirtless

I feel as though I should know a whole lot more about this handsome stud than I do right now. I was just alerted to his gorgeousness by a friend of mine and after seeing these stills of Adam Demos shirtless in ‘UnREAL’ I think I might need to spend some time watching him on screen.

There’s a few things I do know about him, like the fact that he’s Australian and has appeared in a couple of other things, but I think we all need more of him after seeing that bod.

I’m a little tempted to make fun of the man bun on his head, but this was shot back in 2015 so I think we can forgive him for that little fashion faux pas. He makes up for that with his stunning body being on show.

You know he works out a lot, he’s one of those actors who probably has a specialist dietician and a coach to help him maintain that awesome body. If I could afford such a thing I would probably have a body like that too! 🙂

My only other complaint about his appearance in ‘UnREAL‘, other than the man bun, is that we don’t see his buns when there’s a perfect opportunity to show that ass in a tasteful way. Sure, seeing Adam Demos shirtless like this is a treat, but squandering that opportunity for a butt shot is verging on criminal!


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Chris Hemsworth Shirtless

Chris Hemsworth, who played the young Captain Kirk in ‘Star Trek’, released in 2009 is definitely one hot male celeb.  Starting out in daytime soaps in Australia, he recently hit the big screen in America and we are looking forward to seeing a lot more of him.  Here are a few of the hottest shirtless pics of him I could find.