Dean Winters Full Frontal Nude

Dean Winters Full Frontal Nude

This Dean Winters Full Frontal Nude is what first got us hooked on naked celeb hunks.  After seeing so many different naked actors on ‘OZ’ we began searching for more. The HBO TV show really raised the bar for male nudity. They showed a handful of famous penis during the six years of filming.

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Milo Ventimiglia Exposes His Butt

Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Ventimiglia nudeMilo Ventimiglia Exposes His Butt

Milo Ventimiglia Exposes His Butt

Wow, Milo Ventimiglia Exposes His Butt!  This Milo Ventimiglia naked sex scene is incredible.  Look at how far he spreads his ass in the bottom picture, it’s incredible.  The actor has a couple of nude scenes under his belt.

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Naked TV Star Bear Grylls

Naked TV Star Bear GryllsNaked TV Star Bear Grylls

If you follow this blog then you know we love to see Bear Grylls Naked.  The reality TV star is a total hunk and has stripped down on a couple different episodes.  We’ve shown you his penis before, now here’s his famous butt. If you want to see more naked male celebrities – go to Hollywood Exposed

Julian Morris Sex Scene

Julian MorrisJulian Morris Naked

This is the Julian Morris Sex Scene that everyone has been talking about.  Or at least if you hang in our circle of friends.   He pulled off all his clothes on the TV series ‘Hand of God’ and had hot sex with the red haired actress above.  Julian Morris needs to get naked more often and show that tight ass.  See everyone of our naked hunks here

New Naked Male Celebs

New Naked Male CelebsNew Naked Male Celebs


Our friends at have made several updates and have added tons of new naked male celebs.  These guys are the absolute best at showing you nude male movie scenes and scandals.  We could get lost in their archives and often do,  plus they update all the time.